"HYPNAGOGIA" is a 27 minutes long short horrorfilm, and the first part in a trilogy. Creator of the film is director Lars-Erik Lie, who founded " Violence Productions in 1993. Between 1994-1996 he directed 15 short films, all of them made on no budget at all. Some of the films were "RANDOM VIOLENCE", "WORMEATERS", "THE KILLING HAND", "SALVATION", "MADNESS" and many others. After a 10 year break from fictionmovies, Lars-Erik Lie returned in 2006 with the black comedy "SALVATION 2: REVENGE OF ANTICHRIST". Then he started what was going to end up as a full feature film, the slasher/exploitationfilmen "THE THRILL OF A KILL", (2011).  The film was screened at Ramaskrik Horrorfilmfestival, Cinemateket and Oslo Fright Fest. It was released on DVD in Norway by Another World Entertainment on June 6th 2012 and in Holland by FilmFreaks, on January 23rd 2013. Then Lie joined forces with filmmaker Kenny Wang from 3F and made the martial-arts/short film "CLOSE CONTACT: KABUL, OSLO", a film that we shot in only 24 hours.

Lie and Wang have worked together on several projects, so it came natural to co-operate on "CLOSE CONTACT: KABUL, OSLO", and "HYPNAGOGIA", Lars-Erik Lie started to write the story for "HYPNAGOGIA" in the summer of 2013 and Wang was quickly involved in the project and helped out as a co-writer, He also participated in the movie with his Sony FS700 and did lots of slowmo-camerawork in one of the most important dream-sequences in the film. In post-production he helped us out as a filmtechnical consultant.
Kenny Wang is most known for his short film series about the maniac "Beard", and also for his full feature films,  "BUNKER" og "KILLING HEAT", as well as short films like "SPARETYRE" and "RED BRICK" among others.

"HYPNAGOGIA" is a short film that deals with the terrifying phenomenon called sleep paralysis. When experiencing sleep paralysis, your body is totally paralyzed, and there is no way to move, talk or scream. Often people report hallusinations like experiencing beings or entities, scarylooking things like "demons" or "ghosts" that is trying to kill them. The legends of Succubus and Incubus probably originates from experiences with sleep paralysis. Strangely enough there are not made so many movies about sleep paralysis.
The plan was also to make this a ghostgirlfilm, kinda like the Japanese horrorfilms "THE RING" and "THE GRUDGE". Director Lie wanted "HYPNAGOGIA" to be a very visual and stylish film, with lots of lights and colors, similar to what you can see in Dario Argento/Mario Bavas movies from 70s and 80s. The music is highly inspired by some films by John Carpenter, mostly "THE THING" and "HALLOWEEN", and the intro-song from "CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD", by Lucio Fulci. Our music is composed and created by  Eric Hyman from USA and Kaspar Marius Jota, from Trysil, Norway.

Actors: The leading female role as "Nadia/Ghostgirl" is played by Camilla Vestbø Losvik , Kim Ulvberget is "Johnny", Siri Rønning Bråten is "Lizzie", Runulfr Widugastir Tyrfing takes on the role as "Galdramadr/Nadias grandfather" and Doug Lee was brought in as "The Broom Man".  Camilla Vestbø Losvik is formerly known from her role in "THE THRILL OF A KILL" (2011). Arild Rønes was the chief of the lighting and we give lots of thanks to Trysil Gaard for letting us film at their locations! "HYPNAGOGIA" premiered on Vimeo on Demand, March 28th 2014. Later in 2015 we hope to have a bluray-release ready, a special edition which will include the music track from the film on an extra cd. "HYPNAGOGIA" was also screened at the EU HORROR CONVENTION in  Latvia, on August 15th, 2014. "HYPNAGOGIA" will also be screened at OSLO FRIGHT FEST on January 17th 2015.
HYPNAGOGIA - a film by VIOLENCE PRODUCTIONS and 3F. Contact: post@violenceproductions.com. Phone: +47 466 82 813
Lars-Erik Lie (director, editor, director of cinematography,  soundmix, producer).
Kenny Wang (slowmo-photo, co-writer, producer, filmtechnical consultant).
Camilla Vestbø Losvik
(actor, co-writer).
KIm Ulvberget (photographer, actor).
Runulfr Widugastir Tyrfing (actor, expert on Old Norse traditions, rune-magic and vikings)